Progress report

I know she’s fully aware that she is my sunshine, that she is the best Little Sister {and aunty} in the whole wide world and that I love her to the moon and back forever.

But today I just have to share with everyone how insanely proud I am of her.

Her latest Facebook update from Camino:

Progress report

Our feet have carried us 646.9 kilometres. 143.1 to go. Can’t believe how lucky we are.

Buen Camino to you my gorgeous Little Sister, and to Tash and all of your new-found fellow pilgrims.

About bumpyroadtobubba

Mumma to Poppy Grace (born January 2011); forever friend to my furry buddies Bella & Bear; love spending time with family & friends, cooking, reading, writing, design & watching trashy TV (when I find time)! I try to perform one random act of kindness each day & think more people should learn a lesson in unconditional love & acceptance from our 4-legged furry friends. This is my journey to motherhood & beyond - single by chance, mother by choice.
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