Flat Out Friday

I am very lucky that I work a nine day fortnight. This gives me one day each fortnight to get stuff done.

Stuff like going to the supermarket without a helper, cleaning the floors at home {hey, the whole house even gets done sometimes!}, dropping dry cleaning off without having to explain why we can’t ride on those ridiculous cars/trains/bikes/arcade style games in the mall every time we walk past them. Loads of washing. More loads of washing. Menu preparation. Dropping books back to the library.

Boring, every day jobs, but jobs that get in the way of being in the moment with Love Bug if I had to do them all on the weekends.

Flat Out Friday
oh how i wish i had time for yoga!

I try to do something just for me on that day, even if it’s just catching up for a coffee with a friend. The real upside to these Fridays is the extra fuzzy love I get. Bella and Beary seem to like their mumma time too.

That’s enough from me today … Flat Out Friday won’t sort itself out!

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  1. directorb says:

    Great post, enjoy your friday!

  2. I have 9 day a fortnight envy!!

  3. Glad to hear you’re being kind to yourself. That’s important stuff.

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