When is enough enough?

Today was frigging hard work. Seriously.

Being woken at 4:30am on a Sunday and told to get up only to then have a full hour long ‘discussion’ about why it’s not a good idea to get up {aside from the glaringly obvious that is} that never actually resulted in further shut-eye for anyone … right through until the 7:18pm tantrum because the toy car couldn’t sleep resting on the edge of the mattress without falling off {gravity is my fault entirely apparently}.

Tantrums that last for an hour {not mine, they’re generally much shorter ;)} then divine angelic perfection at the 61st minute.

It’s enough to send a mumma looney.

Then there’s the horrid bully who is harassing me. I got a lovely letter on Friday, addressed specifically to me. The stress of the past 10 weeks of that little episode is more than enough.

Throw into the mix the uncertainty of moving house or not before Christmas.

One of my girlfriends said today that I’m the person who always finds the silver lining. I’m having a tough time with that this evening …

When is enough enough?


Thank DOG for puppy loves.

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  1. jhwilliams70 says:

    What is it with some people?!?! Bullying in this day and age. Not acceptable. Sheesh, get a life small minded peoples

  2. See? You found it – the silver lining. Puppy loves….. Perfect.

  3. Gen says:

    I think it’s in the air. Mine are testing me too!! 😳

  4. Star says:

    Long time lurker – big fan of you and your blog. I hope things improve and the nasty bully leaves you alone.

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