Tasty Tuesday {coconut ice ice baby}

Vanilla Coconut ice ice baby ….

I decided it is probably time to start making practice batches of whatever I might make for Christmas gifts. The old Christmas favourite of Coconut Ice was the first guinea pig.

Tasty Tuesday {coconut ice ice baby}

Based loosely on this recipe, I used raspberry and passionfruit powder {freeze dried fruit then pulverized so that it’s a powder – fantastic for colour and flavour without the nasties} to flavour the top layers of these.

Tasty Tuesday {coconut ice ice baby}

I think next time around I’ll add something in to make it a bit creamier {check back in for my decision on that one} and I’ll definitely add in some vanilla bean because I think it needed a little something extra.

Or maybe I’ll just add the vanilla bean and make the whole slice flavoured, because the top layer was perfect!

But what’s that chocolate looking one in the corner of the top photo I hear you ask? Well, I had some extra so I threw in some vanilla bean paste, raw cacao and maca powder. Oh yeah, no surprise that was my favourite one!

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  1. You had me at coconut….. Mmmmm.

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