More patience than a saint

Bella. Bella dog. Puppy of love. Belle. BellaBellaBella. Fuzzy love. Saint Bella.

Or she should be.

The games she puts up with are enough to make most dogs quietly {or not so quietly} take themselves to another part of the house or garden; or neighbourhood.

Not Bella. She will stay for the indignation about to be thrust upon her as if she knows how happy it’s going to make her Love Bug.

I was sorting through my room in preparation for yet another bloody our impending house move. I have a cabinet filled with linen and Love Bug decided she wanted a particular baby sleep suit … a sleep suit I told her wasn’t in there because I had donated it to a family in need a few months ago.

Not one to be deterred, Love Bug took every item out of the cabinet to check, and while she was at it she built Bella a cave. The peak of the cave was Love Bug’s bike which she’d parked in the doorway of my room. After a few minutes of high pitched and very happy giggling as she went back and forth, I figured it was time to check on Bella’s well-being.

Or at least check she could still breathe under that pile of linen. This is what I found.


Love Bug then assured me Bella was having fun and could indeed breathe. See mumma?



Bella is a dog who loves herself a pile of washing … she’s just usually on top of it!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Games with family are always fun… Even unusual games…

    Love and licks,

  2. Nikki says:

    Thanks for the laughs, that was super cute! The look on Bellas face hehe, and Love Bug looks so much like you in that 3rd pic, love these photos 🙂

  3. tylersat99 says:

    What wonderful love from Bella to do whatever will make Love Bug happy. How could you ever find a better love;)

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