If only we could wrap our arms around them

I shared this status on Facebook last night, both on my personal page and on a couple of other group pages I belong to: groups of mothers.

If only we could wrap our arms around them

By the time I woke up this morning a few hundred people had liked my comment and there was an outpouring of similar sentiment. If only we could wrap our arms around them and they could feel all of the mumma love we have to give. I know it would never be the same as their own mumma’s love, but it would be lovely for them to know.

In no way am I diminishing anyone else’s grief or feelings of love and support to Katrina and Tori‘s families. I think it really hit home to me because of the ages of her children. Given the groups on Facebook are mostly mummas with children who are similar ages, I imagine that was what struck a chord with those women too.

I think of Tori’s mumma – how she’ll never hold her baby boy {I’m sure even at 34 he is still her baby boy}; how both of their families will never again hold their son, daughter, mother, wife, partner, sister {this thought knocks the wind out of me}, brother, aunty, uncle, best friends or lovers ever again. As I cuddled Bella and Beary I couldn’t help but wonder if they had pets who will wait loyally for their return.

As I was dressing Love Bug this morning she held on super tight and told me she never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever wants me to go to work so we can always be together. She hasn’t seen one minute of news, but she no doubt feels my angst.

This morning’s further from home news brought us a Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan. Almost all of the 130 dead are children. Mummas on the other side of the world who will never again hold their children. Families torn apart.

No matter where we live in the world, what race we are or our belief system, surely it is our right to expect to see our family at the end of the day?

When are we going to learn to respect each other, respect our differences, choose kindness, peace and over hate?

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  1. That is the question of the century.

    1. If only we had the answer figured out.

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