It feels like we have lost some of the magic

Long time readers will know I am a total Christmas Crazy. I’m struggling this year to feel the true magic of the season. Maybe that is a combination of the events of this week, combined with the lead up to Christmas being spent pacing and moving house?

Whatever it is, I’m really hoping that by the time 23 December arrives and I’ve finished work and all of our house jobs that need doing, I will pick Love Bug up from kindy, visit the houses in our neighbourhood which are lit up for Christmas and pick up on her infectious happiness.

We’re having photos with Santa on Christmas Eve {she said she’d only like to do it if I have my photo too!} and will immerse ourselves in Christmas movies, carols and gift wrapping for the rest of the day.

christmas magic

Hopefully that will sprinkle some of the magic over me.

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  1. Lucia James says:

    I am the same this year – Christmas is normally my absolute favourite time of year and I can’t get enough of it. This year, I just want to hibernate until it passes (actually I want to hibernate for a lot longer than just the festive season, which is what is causing my lack of enthusiasm I think). It sounds like you have a lovely Christmas Eve planned with Love Bug, I hope that brings some of the magic back for you.

  2. That list of activities sprinkled some magic over me!! Have fun!

  3. maggie0019 says:

    (nods head wisely) Mom is a Christmas Crazy too, and she finds that if she stops for just 15 minutes a night and clears her head, the magic washes over her. Probably you are stressed from moving – who wouldn’t be, it’s a huge undertaking – give yourself time to yourself and the magic of the season will manifest itself. Woof!

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