Tasty Tuesday {I want one of those right now}

We are knee-deep in birthdays, catch ups, going back to work, preparing for turning FOUR {wait, what?} so while I have been cooking and baking, for the most part I’ve made things from my regular repertoire.

Here are a few things I’m going to try over the next month or so. The things you look at and think to yourself I want one of those right now!

Tasty Tuesday {I want one of those right now}

Roasted pumpkin and peach salad. Oh summer, how I love you.

Lentils, Roasted Tomatoes, and Dukka-Crumbed Eggs. My gorgeous friend Melissa and I had an amazing lentil dish at a cute cafe one morning in Melbourne. The weather was cool and we were wrestling mild fuzzy heads and pre-schoolers. The dish was perfect. As was the company.

This sandwich. There’s just something about it. Gluten free bread or just the filling as a salad maybe?

Vegan Chorizo Queso Dip. I want to dive right in.

Mini raw key lime pies. Oh yeah.

Raw vegan lemon meltaway balls. I can almost taste them.

Chewy vegan gluten-free brownies. {I would totally swap the refined sugar out of these though!}

Dark chocolate pinot noir ice cream. Um, hello? Was this just made for mumma?!

Perfect lemon coconut bars. Oh I love me some citrus.

Why can’t I just stay home and cook? I promise to share …

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  1. Gen says:

    I seem to remember you started a Facebook group. Would you mind sharing details?

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