Do you recognise me?

Hello, my name is Wilson.

Do you recognise me?

I am two years old and I am a kelpie x cattle dog with a dash of german shepherd too. My home was broken into on the Friday before Christmas in Annandale in Sydney’s inner west – super close to where Bella and Beary live. I had just started my new forever life there one week earlier when the bad people came. I got so scared I ran away. I don’t know know exactly where I am now though, and neither do my family. I can’t let them know – so that’s where you come in!

I started life with the name of Jet. I lived with a family in Picton {western Sydney} with kids who loved me and cared for me and taught me basic obedience. Unfortunately a change in circumstances meant I couldn’t stay with them any longer. So In June 2014 my next adventure began and I spent a few months at Monika’s Doggie Rescue {which is where I am still microchipped to}. At Monika’s in Ingleside {northern Sydney} I met my BFF {best fuzzy friend} Mama Mia. We had a happy few months hanging with Monika and all of the other doggies and then in December I got an early Christmas present – my forever family!


My family, Mama Mia and a LOT of other rescue pals and their people are looking for me. They all miss me terribly.

Do you recognise me? {MJ says I’m very handsome and I have superb ears.}


I could really be anywhere. Kelpies have a good sense of direction and dogs have been known to travel great distances to try to find their way home. I could be still in the Annandale area or I may have headed north or west.

I might be hurt. I look really dark when I’m curled up in a ball which is probably how I am if I’m still scared. The weather has been super hot and super rainy in Sydney so it’s not the best weather for a pup to be on a solo adventure. If you have hidey holes in your home or industrial areas near you, can you keep an eye out for me?

Has anyone you know recently introduced a new family member who looks like me? If they have, can you please ask them where they got that doggie? It might be me. You just never know. Sometimes people might think they are doing the right thing taking in a doggie they found wandering and alone. It is a nice thing to do, but you should always do your best to find out if that pup pal already has a home and a family who might be missing them. Like my family, and all of the wonderful people helping out with the Please Help Find Wilson campaign, are.

If you think you might know where I am, you can either let Bella and Beary’s mumma, MJ know by leaving a message below or you can contact my people via our Facebook page, or you can call +61 456 074 700 {the Wilson hotline}.

No one will be cross with you if you have just been looking after me. They just want me to go back home.

That’s what I want too.

If you don’t live nearby or don’t think you can help, you can. You can share this post on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. There are posters on my Facebook page that you can print and give out to local shops and vets.

Thanks for caring about me.

Big licks

{Update: it is now 26 January and I’m still missing. Please share this post.}

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  1. Poor baby. I shared on my Twitter… Please keep us posted if you hear anything.

  2. I hope you find your way home soon!!

  3. Reblogged this on bumpyroadtobubba and commented:


    On 2 January this year, Wilson was found safe and well! Miracles do happen it seems.

    * * * * *

  4. dogdaz says:

    Yeah!!!!! That is wonderful.

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