They can all come to my house. Billy and Wilson too.

Winter hit with full force yesterday in Sydney. Beanies and gloves were added to boots, scarves and coats. As if in exact tune with 1 June, the temperature dropped and the wind chill increased.

As soon as we got home from work and kindy yesterday, Love Bug and I hopped onto my bed to give Bella and Beary some loves. I was nuzzling into Beary’s super soft warm coat saying how lucky we are that we have a home and each other to keep warm.

Love Bug was quiet, then looked at me and held my arm. Mumma, I am sad. When I asked her why, her response got me right in the heart.

All of those puppies at the shelter mumma. They would be cold. If I was there I would give them all cuggles and say awwww puppies it is okay. It is cold here but you can come to my house. We can take all of you and you can be warm with us. We will love you.

With a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat I told her she was a precious, thoughtful and kind girl and said I would like that a lot.

They can all come to my house mumma. Billy and Wilson too.

Billy  Wilson

Wilson has been missing now for six months, Billy around six weeks. It never ceases to amaze me that Love Bug thinks of them often and will ask me if I know if they are home yet. A couple of weeks ago she suggested that maybe they were together so that they had a friend and weren’t scared. If you don’t know their stories, please click on the links and share them far and wide.

It’s too cold for our fuzzy friends to be wandering the streets alone. Or huddled in the corners of shelter cages. Maybe it’s time you got yourself a fuzzy heat pack or two?

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  1. Vikki says:

    Your little love bug is going to grow up to be the next generation of rescue and foster carers for our furry friends. I Volunteer in a local shelter, so I get where she is coming from and totally agree…I’d take them all home if I could too!! Bless her heart!! xx

    1. She likes to go to the shelter and say hi to the fuzzy loves and give them treats. I’m very proud of her 🙂 x

  2. Such a thoughtful, loving girl. The picture of Cupcake in her cement cell never leaves my brain for a second – especially when she’s snuggled up next to me under the covers. Prayers for all doggies to find some covers and a person to cuddle.

  3. Judy rout says:

    How beautiful. We worry about all the lost pets out there and do hope they keep safe and warm. Just want them back safe as l am sure all the owners miss them dearly

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