As my precious sleepy headed Love Bug wandered into my room this her birthday morning, I swept her up in my arms and wondered where the past four years have gone? I dreamed of her for so long, and yet the time since she arrived has zoomed by at an alarming rate. Every day is insanely precious. {Even the challenging ones!}


I am such a proud mumma. She is such a loving, kind, fiercely loyal, happy, funny {and cheeky} girl. She has come out of her shell a little more of late and her new found confidence is wonderful to see.

Happy 4th birthday my darling girl. Your mumma really is the luckiest mumma on earth. Your pup pals think you’re the bees knees too!

We love you.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Happy 4th Birthday Poppy Grace!! You are ridonculously beautiful & so kind hearted, i love to see how much you adore animals especially, it has been such a joy to be able to share your ‘Bumpy Road’ Blog. Wishing you lots of laughter & happiness & cuggles on your special day, love Nikki xoxo

    1. Thank you Nikki – for my birthday wishes and for sharing our bumpy road. Lots of cuggles from us 3 kids xxx

  2. Great birthday pictures. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. On a side note: How great do you look 4 years later!? 🙂

    1. Oh thank you Genevieve & Cupcake, what a lovely thing to say. It’s all the love and happiness 🙂

  3. Dalton says:

    Happy 4th birthday Bubba!

  4. Aw, Happy Birthday to sweet Poppy Grace [and her Mumma!] and I agree with Genevieve, looks like not one day has passed since that first photo! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Poppy Grace, I hope you had the most amazing day celebrating!! And congratulations Mumma 4 years and still going strong!!

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