No screen time … for parents

Aware of how much screen time I have {I sit in front of two or three of them all day for a start!} I have been making a concerted effort to put my phone down when we get home and only reach for it if Love Bug and I are either making or taking a call together. I am by no means perfect in this regard, but I try really hard.

I find the mornings/evenings that we have no screen time at all in our home to be so much easier. There are no disgruntled people {small or big} and even though we still can’t manage to get out the door on time most mornings, or into bed on time most evenings, things are definitely calmer.

In another vote for hands-free parenting, somewhere on social media yesterday I saw a link to this Time article, citing a study around the use of smartphones by parents when they are in the company of their children. Guess what? The parents are grumpier and the children feel disconnected. It’s really not rocket science but I think the impact is something that a lot of people would pass off quite easily.

No screen time ... for parents
Link to Alice Park’s 10 March 2015 Time article

The reality is, in this day and age where face to face communication and being present while engaging with our kids {and everyone else} seems to be diminishing, the negative impact of those actions is on the rise.

If you’re really addicted to being electronically connected, start small and work your way up.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I find our evenings to go so much better when my husband and I are disconnected from screens and better connected to our boys. Sometimes it’s hard, but totally worth it when possible.

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