The woman behind it all

Today is my mumma’s 70th birthday. I know, right? As if she could be 70?!

The woman behind it allFor those of you who haven’t met her in person … she really does belie everything you might imagine of a 70 year-old. She’s loving, caring, independent, intelligent, engaging, funny {although she could not deliver a joke without ruining the punchline if her life depended on it!}, fit, healthy and alive. Duh, you might say, of course she’s alive.

But she’s alive in the sense that a child is alive – she is still in awe of things and is learning every day. She works, she volunteers, she spends incredibly valuable and adored time with her gorgeous granddaughter. Their relationship makes my heart smile. As Love Bug’s only grandparent, I can firmly say she does the job of four grandparents all wrapped into one in an exemplary fashion.

I am the parent I am today {well, at least the good bits!} because I learnt from her. I am a big sister {again, the luckiest one on earth!} because of her. What a gift, huh?

She taught me caring, compassion, empathy, understanding, acceptance and love unconditional. She taught me a love of animals and of the big wide world outside.

Happy 70th Birthday Mumma/Grandma … the critters and I love you to the moon and back infinity and are so happy you are our family!

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