Tasty Tuesday {raw gingerbread cookies + balls}

Please can a batch of these just magically appear on my desk right now, next to my coffee? I love me some ginger.

Tasty Tuesday {raw gingerbread cookies + balls}

In the past month, despite attempting to commence a cleanse, I have totally fallen off the healthy wagon. In a spectacular way. Seriously.

I’m blaming sugar. And butter. Salty delicious butter. Vegans, tell me your secret: how do you break up with butter? I digress. {But I really really do want to know…}

These little morsels might just help me get back on that wagon. I have all of the ingredients at home so am going to make them tonight. So I can snack on them while watching The Bachelorette finale. {Don’t judge me!}

Head on over to Rawmanda for the full recipe and many other tasty treats.

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