Love Bug has had an interesting start to school.

Her teacher unfortunately fell ill on Tuesday of week two and has not yet returned. A couple of substitute teachers filled in the first few days, then the current substitute teacher arrived. Her original teacher is apparently in hospital and we have had no official word on when she might return. I really hope that whatever ails her is not serious. I am also aware of the impact this uncertainty is having on my very-new-to-school kid.

To help her get through this period as easily as we can {and in addition to watching her diet like a hawk} I have started using essential oils – a grounding blend in the mornings before we leave home, a sleepy blend at bedtime and a calming blend if she starts {or has started} to have a meltdown.

I don’t know if it is the oils, the touch while I’m massaging them into her skin, or the close and {relatively} calm mumma – but they definitely seem to be having a positive effect.

While the teacher has my greatest empathy, it is a pretty bumpy start to school. Looking for the silver lining as always, I’m hoping this will equip her to build resilience, and increase her ability to adapt to change and uncertainty.

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  1. That is a tough start. Hopefully, the teacher will be back soon and in the meantime, the school will hire one sub to stay there for some consistency.

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