Not so wordless Wednesday {gotcha day #7}

For always knowing {even when I didn’t!} that I needed a cuddle; you pushing your big boofy head under my arm and snuggling in is exactly what I needed.

For being a total scaredy cat lap dog. All 40kg of you.

For protecting me when I’m in the shower and Love Bug while she’s in the bath. You just never know, one day one of us may slide down the drain!

For telling me your stories for a solid minute each time I walk in the front door.

For alerting me to snack time somewhere between 8 and 9pm every day – by sticking your goofy face in between mine and whatever it is I’m doing/watching/reading and giving me the eye accompanied by some quiet chats about where the treat cupboard may be located. Then tapping it with your nose when I eventually walk to it. Just in case I forgot its location and that it’s after dinner treat time.

For wrapping me completely around your paw as soon as you could, ensuring your fate as a foster failure.

Happy 7th Gotcha Day to my favourite boy. My world would definitely be less colourful without you Beary McBearerson! The love you give is only exceeded by the love we have for you in return.

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  1. Sweet! Happy Gotcha Day, buddy!

    Love and licks,

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