I am not sure which is my favourite

Last night when Love Bug was reading her home readers to me, she was particularly enamored with Little Chimp who thought he was too little to climb up the tree to where his mumma was.

His mumma encouraged him and on the final page the illustration showed him wrapped in her warm embrace. At which point Love Bug kissed the page and said this is my favourite page ever in my readers mumma. When I asked why?

Because his mumma told him he could do it and so he did and when he got to the top she gave him a huge cuggle. Just like you do when you tell me I can do things and I feel so happy because I did the thing that I thought I can’t do and even more happy because you are cuggling me. Little Chimp feels like that now. The same way that I do. Then she came over and climbed into my lap for a huge cuggle.

This morning she was getting dressed for Hero Day at school. Somewhere the message got lost in translation and I thought it was Super Hero Day. She was putting on her Super Girl costume and we were talking about heroes. You’re my hero mumma, I wish they had a mumma costume. Beyond.

I am not sure which of those moments is my favourite, they’re both pretty good. I am a lucky mumma and I have a Super Awesome Super Girl!


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  1. AGREED! Both lovely moments. What a sweetie!

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