Tasty Tuesday {getting our Martha on}

Love Bug and I spent some time in the kitchen over the weekend. In between making a slow cooker pot of tasty goodness {and lots of hidden vegetables!} and two sweet treats, Love Bug also made her own creations. I should not be surprised that her creativity extends to the kitchen!

While the cookies were great {were because they have all disappeared already!}, this slice was an absolute winner. Love Bug even asked me for a piece for breakfast this morning. When I told her it wasn’t breakfast food, she said ‘but mumma, you said it was a healthier treat than usual‘. Um, yes I did, but still not breakfast food. Nice try kiddo!

The original recipe for no-bake peanut butter cream bars can be found here. The only change I made was to increase the ingredients by half again for the base so it was nice and thick. I would also suggest leaving the slice in the freezer for a bit longer before topping it with drizzled chocolate.
If you’re more Cookie Monster in treat preference, head here for the quinoa chocolate chip cookie recipe. I used coconut sugar which has a lower GI than regular sugar. Next time I’d use desiccated coconut rather than shredded – but that’s purely because of Love Bug’s textural aversion to the shredded variety.

We have been getting our Martha on most weekends, it’s so much fun to cook together!

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  1. alexcellent says:

    Those peanut butter cream bars look amazing! must try them.

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