You smell so good

Love Bug and I were out walking the other day and talking about scent. More specifically, my scent.

My signature fragrance – Marc Jacobs’ original scent for women {known by my friends as MJ for MJ} – which I’ve worn for a decade, has been discontinued. Occasionally it pops up on overseas websites, but it’s no longer available in Australia. The only other scent I’ve worn in that time was Michael Kors White – was a limited release so it’s also no longer on the market. I’ve been researching fragrances with the same top and base notes and testing them in department stores. I think I’ve narrowed it down to Michael Kors for Women or Gucci Bloom.

Back to my conversation with Love Bug. She said Mumma, you smell so good, you always do. If you find your perfume again though, can you save me one in a box so that when I’m a grown up and you die I can remember your smell? That one request went right through my heart. Of course no-one ever wants to think of a time they won’t be with their loved ones, but hearing that come out of your almost-7 year old’s mouth, knowing the pain in their heart that must accompany the question? Cue: ugly crying.

In thinking about it again later, our discussion reminded me of this post.

In other more uplifting news, how good do paws smell? Stay tuned, I’ll be back soon to introduce you all to someone new – here’s a teaser.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Is it wrong that i cheated & went right to twitter to check out this new addition!? Condogulations!!! He is super gorgeous & uber lucky to have you find him! I cant wait to hear the story, happy 2018 🐶🎊🎉

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