When parenting kicks your bum!

There are times when I think I totally suck at being a parent.

Like now.

Honestly, Love Bug is pushing every button I have and some I didn’t even know existed.


I have nothing. No words of advice for myself. No holiday to look forward to. No end in sight. Well, there is an end, just not sure if it’s in sight or not? I do know that this too will end. At some point.

This combination of Love Bug pushing and me being stressed out and not coping with her pushing will slowly {although hopefully suddenly!} morph back into our happy place.

There are times when parenting kicks your bum! Such a shame you can’t kick back.

^^ bought to you by brutal honesty ^^

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  1. That’s why they call it the toughest job in the world…. It really is – when you do it correctly. Pat yourself on the back. You are doing it correctly!

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