chargrilled vegetable salad with couscous, spiced coconut yoghurt and almonds | no meat may | recipe 14 of 31

If we’re friends, or you just know me from my blog or my socials, you’ll know I’m vegan and I’m very bloody worried about the climate, what we’re doing to the planet and the future we are leaving our children/grandchildren, nieces and nephews/children of our friends {by looking at it that way, we’re including everyone – not just those of us who are parents!}.

The simplest and most immediate thing we can do as individuals to have an effect on climate change {which, to be honest, can feel insanely overwhelming most days!} is to stop eating animals and animal products.

No Meat May sets the challenge to each of us to go a month without meat. This is easy in our home because I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years and vegetarian for about 5 before that. A lot of people I know, however, wonder what on earth they will eat if they aren’t eating meat and dairy. So I decided to share 1 recipe every day for the month.

chargrilled vegetable salad with couscous, spiced coconut yoghurt and almonds
14 of 31 chargrilled vegies with cous cous spiced yoghurt

Love Bug gave me a subscription to this gorgeous plant-based magazine, Nourish. It’s filled with fabulous articles, recipes and general good feeling about living a plant-based lifestyle. This recipe is from the January edition of the magazine – also available on their website. Every mouthful packs a flavour punch!

If you’re conscious of gluten in your diet {maybe you’re not coeliac but are intolerant to gluten like the tummies in our house}, quinoa is a great substitute for cous cous. Brown rice is also great in this dish.

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