If you could go back in time

Love Bug’s Critical and Creative question for this week’s homework : What would you do if you could go back in time?

I would go back in time and try to make friends with a dinosaur.

I would ask scientists and governments to take climate action.

I would meet my grandpa and all the people that have died in my family.

I would like to meet the first person on earth because for my whole life I’ve been wondering who it was!

I would go exploring in a boat around the world and if I [found somewhere] I wanted to live I would ask the Aboriginals if I could live there or not? If they said yes I would live there, if they said no I wouldn’t.

{My Daddy and I, some time in the late 70s}

Today marks 33 years since he left this earth. It’s a lifetime, yet some days feels like yesterday. I’m sure he’d like to meet our Love Bug just as much as she’d like to meet him.

I’d just love one more Daddy cuddle.

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