Thank DOG for puppy love!

Despite having moments wondering how on earth I’m going to do all of this on my own – I am ever so grateful for the undying and unconditional love of my two beautiful dogs. Just holding their fuzzy paws, lying down on the floor snuggling them or gazing into their beautiful chocolate eyes makes me feel like everything is going to (eventually) be okay. They make me smile.

Like yesterday when I came home feeling utterly overwhelmed with my esky full of drugs and needles. I found my herb garden (which had been planted with special fertility herbs) not only dug up, but dug up and dispersed around the house, small clumps of earth at a time, bits of leaf hanging out of their mouths (not going to help much kids, as you’ve both had the chop)! Their way of letting me know that we’re all in this together maybe?

beary park

I have such great friends who are all proud and supportive of me and send me messages from around the world telling me so, but moments like this morning, lying in bed wondering what on earth made me think I could do this on my own – that my confidence waivers.

It’s the cuddle without asking for one, the squeeze of the hand and the wink so you know someone’s got your back and if you fall, someone will be there to catch you that I am missing. I believe in me and I know I can do it, but sometimes, just sometimes, this I am woman hear me roar gig can be a tough one.

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  1. One foot in front of the other…one moment in front of the other. Keep moving and you will be just fine.

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