If you build it (s)he will come

Music is always playing around me. It feeds my soul. I have a new play list evolving. It’s very girl-centric (so when I end up with a gay son, no-one will be surprised).

It is filled with songs of love, support, overcoming mountains and having the (girl) power to defy gravity (to borrow Elphaba’s words from Wicked)!

I play it lots, particularly when I’m focusing on all things get-me-a-bubba like injecting myself with hormones. One day I hope I’m singing songs from it to my bubba, holding her in my arms and dancing with her. I hope music soothes her the way it does me.

I played the music today while sorting through the very large suitcase of very small person clothes I bought during my last trip to New York.


There are a total of 3 baby boy outfits in the loot so either it will be true that if you put it out into the universe you get exactly what you’ve asked for … or I’ll be selling the lot on eBay! I was so filled with hope and joy when shopping with my sister for all of those baby girl clothes – but that joy won’t compare to the joy I’ll feel when my little girl is actually wearing them!

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