My name is Masie. I miss my dad.

Boy meets dog. Boy falls in love {she was a gorgeous 6 week old Kelpie x who looked a lot like someone I know as a young pup, how could he not?}. Dog realises she has found her furever friend. For the next three years they are inseparable.

masie 1.

Until 19 days ago.

Nineteen days ago, boy {Michael} and his fuzzy love {Masie} went to the airport. Their destination? A weekend interstate to visit Masie’s grandparents. Michael took Masie to the animal transport drop off at Sydney domestic terminal. The sight of the crate she was to be loaded into for the flight spooked her. And she bolted.

Masie is a 3 year old kelpie x. She is microchipped and was wearing a brown collar, with no name or contact tag. She is friendly and approachable although she may be a little frightened, having been lost and alone for the past few weeks.

She may still be in the area of the airport. Or she may be in another state. She may have been taken in by someone who is caring well for her, but hasn’t thought to take her to a local vet or ranger to have her microchipped. The possibilities are endless.

She has been Tweeting her dad {you can follow her @FindMasie} but she hasn’t been able to let him know exactly where she is. Yet. She’s left us in no doubt of how much she’s missing her daddy though. And he her. He’s taken time off work. He’s barely slept. I can’t imagine how heavy his heart is feeling.

So many strangers are helping look for Masie {#MasiesArmy on Twitter}. The great thing about this is that there have been a couple of other puppies reunited with their families because there are so many foot soldiers out looking. Despite social media campaign, wanted posters, leaflet drops and a couple of pet psychics, Michael’s best friend is still missing. Masie is still not home. Where she needs to be.

masie 2. masie 4

Is Michael a friend of mine? No. I wouldn’t know Michael if I passed him on the street. I would know Masie, but only because of the many photos I’ve seen over the past two weeks. In fact, I find myself looking at dogs everywhere I am, willing them to be Masie. Hoping they are her.

So why did I post this today? A plea for help to reunite a dog I’ve never met with a man I’ve never met? Because I would hope {dog forbid} I ever find myself missing one of my fuzzy loves, that as many people possible, whether I know them or not, would help me try to find them.

If you see someone with a new dog, have a good look at the dog. Ask the person about the dog. Say Masie’s name. She also responds to possums apparently {maybe best not to wonder why though!}. I would be so grateful if you would retweet, share this on Facebook or reblog it if you live in Australia! If you know anyone in the media who might be able to help Michael and Masie’s story reach a greater audience, please contact them via the Help Find Masie Facebook page. There is also a reward for Masie’s safe return.

masie 3

Masie, I hope day 19 is the day you are reunited with your dad. Michael, my heart goes out to you – and I hope you are holding your fuzzy love close as soon as humanly possible.

Paws crossed! X

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Dalton says:

    Shared your post on twitter – fingers crossed!!

  2. Absolutely heartbreaking. I am sending gigantic positive thoughts out into the universe for this sweet pup to be reunited with her family. I will also forward it on to my friends in Australia… they didn’t come through for us last time you were in need of doggy help over there, but it never hurts to try and try again.

    1. I find myself constantly disappointed that people don’t do a quick share on Facebook or Twitter – it takes 30 seconds and you just never know! Thank you for sharing Masie’s story. It’s heartbreaking.

  3. Bassa's Blog says:

    Oh dear 😦 I do hope Masie is found very soon.

  4. Jo Lyons says:

    She was reunited with Michael about 30 minutes after Bassa’s Blog’s comment above 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to meet her!

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