I wish you enough

There’s a story, although I’m not sure where I read it the first time, that tells of a mother and daughter {father and son?} parting at an airport and saying I wish you enough. The story goes on to explain that phrase to mean wishing the other person enough happiness/good things to sustain them through life, to have had enough good to deal with the bad. In our blog’s terms, to have enough smooth to deal with the bumps.

So, my friends, as 2014 dawns, I wish you enough. I also wish you courage. Courage to live the life you want to live, and not be constrained by the expectation of others. I am going to take a big dose of my own medicine this year and live with courage. I am also going to live like an almost-three year old {well, the good bits at least}. I am going to be awed watching simple things. Enamoured with life. Amazed by a leaf floating from the tree above onto my picnic blanket. Giving of my love with every fibre of my being.

are you okay beary?

I’m going to end on a sad note, but inspired by this person who had courage, who had enough to keep him going and to fight every day and night for 21 days until he found his lost dog, Masie. So many of you read and shared the posts I wrote about Masie’s disappearance, the search for her, the very happy reunion, then the day they shared with those who helped in the search could meet her and celebrate, and to raise awareness of other dogs in need of rescue.

In a tragic turn of events, her beloved Michael {only 35} was diagnosed with cancer early in December and lost his battle after a very brief illness. Masie was in his hospital room for Christmas day and Michael was gone 4 days later. My heart aches for Masie, for the second time in six months. Masie will live with Michael’s parents.

Have courage to fight for those you love. And don’t be afraid of showing that love and conviction to the world.

For 2014: I wish you enough.

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  1. We wish you enough, as well. And the gratitude to know that enough is enough. So sad for Masie and Michael. She will give comfort to his family and they will give comfort to her.

    Looking ahead to health, happiness, and peace in 2014,
    Cupcake and Mom

  2. Margaret Beirne says:

    And I wish you enough as well! Thanks for all the inspiration you have given to me and so many others – you may never know in how many ways your beautiful thoughts, felicitous expression and generous sharing touch the lives of those who read them! But be assured they do!! Love you, love Poppy, and love your many furry friends especially Bella and Bear. Aunty Marg. xxxxoooo

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. dogdaz says:

    Oh my – you made me cry. I absolutely wish you enough. Here is to another great year for you and the little ones, furry and biped. Yes, listen to your own words. Here’s to courage for us all. – Lorian

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