Happy ending

Most of you will remember the story of Masie. Missing from Michael for 21 days, but now safely returned and back to living the good life! Last weekend, Michael organised a Meet Masie Day for all the people who had helped look out for her and done all they could to help bring her home to him.

It was lovely to meet them both and give Masie some loves. The whole way there in the car Love Bug kept saying Awww Masie and I give Masie cuggles? Masie got lots of loves – she even managed to photo bomb a picture I was taking of Bubba!


As Michael didn’t need to use the reward money he had posted {because it would seem some not very nice people had actually dog napped Masie}, they split the money and put it towards helping to rescue four other dogs. How pawsome is that? There were a couple of rescue groups there so we got to meet some lovely puppies in need of furever homes. We only just got out of there without another mouth to feed!

We were also super lucky enough to win the Maggie’s Rescue raffle. Once we accepted the basket and had our photo taken with Masie {yay, says Bubba another chance for cuggles!} we took out the puppy movie DVD and donated the basket right back to Maggie’s. Bella and Beary are loved up pups who have all they need, so we figured the rescue puppies could enjoy the treats, blankets and toys in the basket instead.

Meet Masie Day had an extra bonus for us: we ran into an old friend I worked with a long time ago, who was there with her family, including their lovely kelpie Xena who had been a young pup when I last saw them – and on Sunday was celebrating not only Masie, but her 16th birthday. Way to go Xena, here’s to many more!

We hear so many sad stories about animals, it was lovely to share in Masie’s happy ending.


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  1. Bassa's Blog says:

    A story with a happy ending. I’m so pleased that Masie is back home and reunited with her family.

  2. TheLoverList says:

    I wish I’d had the time to attend!! Boo!

  3. Thank you God for bringing Masie back home… love happy endings…

    1. I thought of Dixie and you when we were there … there was a lady handing out flyers of her puppy who she thinks was stolen 18 months ago. The dog only has one eye so it’s not like he blends in. It’s so sad.

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