What if you disappear?

Every time I go into the bathroom.

Every. Single. Time.

You need to pee? Okay then, we’ll just stand right in front of you because your hands look bored and they could be giving us scratchies.

Oh, you’re in the shower? Then we’ll just stand here looking concerned. Because, well, what if you disappear?


I know you tell us {every time!} that there is no secret door and there’s no chance you’ll slip down the drain, but you just never know.


So we’ll just make ourselves comfortable right here and keep you company. Then we can get onto it if anything should happen to you.

20140604-085255-31975394.jpgThe last time I ventured to the bathroom alone? Oh, you know, some time mid-2005.

{The only reason Love Bug isn’t in these photos is because she was sleeping. See previous post on this subject!}




4 Comments Add yours

  1. I know!!!! But what can you do! They’re our guardian angels!
    Those looks though… get me every time! 😉

  2. We doggies are vigilant! Nothing mysterious is going to happen on our watch. Being alone in the bathroom is overrated…..

    Love and licks,

  3. dogdaz says:

    Just sprinkle 3 cats in the picture with the 2 dogs and you have my house. Bark Out Loud!!!!

  4. Misaki says:

    hahaha I like to keep an eye on mummy in the bathroom too!

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