But I want you


But I want you!

Four little words which can slice through a mumma’s heart, when they are spluttered through quivering lips on a crestfallen face with big fat tears rolling down her chipmunk cheeks, as you walk out of the room at kindy.

Four little words which, although delightful, are a little less heart-string-pulling when screamed from bed once you’ve been in for the 84th time, approximately seven hundred hours after bedtime.

Last night though, they came as we were having a cuggle on the couch. I want you mumma she said it to me, quite factually. I told her that I want to spend all of my time with her too, but sometimes we need to go to sleep, or go to kindy, or go to work {well, you know, usually!}.

Then she looked up at me, stroking my cheek as she said mumma, I miss you when I am at kindy and I miss you when I’m sleeping too.



Boom! Right through the heart!

I love her so much I want to squish her. Seriously.

Happy Birthday Grandma, we love you!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sweet words! They definitely pull heart strings….

  2. That is the most lovely thing!!

  3. momsolo says:

    That’s the best. Our little ones are almost the same age! 2 months apart. xox

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